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Mindfulness meditation can change your life

Now there is an app designed strictly for mothers — mothers who want to tap into their best selves and:

  • better manage emotions
  • decrease stress and anxiety
  • be more present and attentive
  • connect with intuition
  • cultivate patience and compassion
  • find more energy
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Guided meditations for the unique challenges that mothers face.

  • parenting wisdom
  • mindful perspective
  • meaningful inspiration
set intentions

set intentions

Make specific goals following each meditation, then receive notification reminders about them throughout the day.

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be inspired
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be inspired

Find daily bits of wisdom and inspiration to encourage parenting mindfully.


Daily Meditations

New content added regularly

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How meditation changes mothers’ lives

about us

About Us

Stillpoint was developed by Jennifer Prokhorov — a mother of four children who found rest (almost exclusively) in meditation.

Throughout her 13 years of parenthood, she pored over the wisdom of parenting books. Though when it came right down to it, it seemed that nearly everything she was learning was forgotten in the heat of stressful parenting moments.

Then she discovered mindfulness meditation. She eventually began a daily practice which, though not immediate, yielded real, tangible results. She finally discovered an inner calm, a greater awareness, and a deeper presence — all essential tools in effective parenting.

But as she cultivated her practice, she also found herself left wanting. Nowhere could she find one source for meaningful meditations written specifically for the unique needs of mothers; where mothers could come to find inspiration, wisdom, connection, and of course, rest.

And so she was led to create for other mothers what she greatly needed herself:

a Stillpoint.



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